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FC2 BBS has 4 types of Message Boards.

  • Type 1

    Multithreading BBS

    Simple and orthodox threading style BBS
    The entries are shown from the latest.

    Multithreading BBS Sample See Multithreading BBS Sample.
  • Type 2

    Multi-Topic BBS

    A topic list is displayed.
    In the thread list, the entries are shown from the latest.

    Multi-Topic BBS Sample See Multi-Topic BBS Sample.
  • Type 3

    Thread Float BBS

    It's a Japanese 2 channel style BBS.
    There is a screen where you can post a comment for each topic. It's simple and easy to see.

    Sample of Thread Float BBS See Thread Float BBS Sample.
  • Type 4

    Template Type BBS

    You can customize the design of multithreading BBS as you like.

    Template Type BBS Sample See Template Type BBS Sample.

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