Function List

General Functions

Features Details
Edit and Delete an Entry. Both you and submitter can edit and delete messages.
Icons can be editted also.
Image Posting Choose if you want it on or off.
The maximum image size in an entry can be specified when an image is posted.
Unlimited Log Storage Message log storage is from 10 to unlimited.


Features Details
Layout Change Easy to change BBS designs.
*Layout change is possible if your mobile phone has that kind of function.(Japanese mobile phone only)
Header tag insertion is OK. (Analyzer tag and BBS introduction can be inserted.)
Use style sheet.
*Header tag can be used on a PC only.
Icons Use rabbit icons when you post a message.
Also after registering your original icon's URL, you can use your own icon.
*Icons can be used on a PC only.

Other Counter Functions

Features Details
Search Function Whole message search function available.
Counter Doesn't count repeated visits from the idential IP.
Choose turn on or off for display.
To Get More Comments.
Comment Indication Switching
To get more comments: A topic with a comment is shown at the top.
Comment indication order:Choose newest or oldest.

Fraudulence Prevention

Features Details
Repeated Posting Prevention Restricts repeated posting from the identical IP address.
Set posting intervals by second.
Access Restriction. Specify a host name or an IP address you want to block.Prural host names and IP addresses can be specified.
Taboo Words Blocks words you don't want anyone to write in your BBS.
Prural words can be specified.
Image Verification Prevents fraudulent automatic posting.

FC2ID New Registration

To use FC2 services, please register for FC2ID.