Lots of Convenient Functions

  • Full Text Search Function Available!!

    The full text search function available. FC2 BBS has full text search function, which you rarely see in other BBS services. Just enter a search keyword and find a topic or a message you want to read.

  • Highly functional Counter Function Loaded!!

    The counter shows you how many people visited your BBS.
    Repeated accesses from the identical address are not counted. So it counts the accurate number of visitors.
    Non-display Setting in the management page when not necessary.

  • E-mail Notification Setting Lets You Know Arrival of New Messages in Real Time.

    You will be notified at your e-mail address set in the management page in real time when a new entry arrives.
    If you register the email address of your mobile phone, you will always be able to read entries anywhere you go. (Japanese mobile phones only).

  • Use as a Blog Part.

    Display a BBS on the administrator's blog.
    Read blog and BBS at the same time.

  • Change the Indication Order of Comments and Topics.

    An administrator can change not only the indication order of the topic, but also the indication order of the comments in the topic.

FC2ID New Registration

To use FC2 services, please register for FC2ID.